Online Training with Canvas

Whether you are brand new to Canvas or a seasoned veteran, there are training offerings that meet your learning style (demonstration sessions, interactive sessions, and discussion sessions).

The offerings are divided into unique series on the Canvas Training website including:

  • Welcome to Canvas Series: This series starts at the beginning and shows users how to login and navigate the global and course interfaces.
  • Building Blocks Series (e.g., Home Pages, Assignments, Course Communications, Course Design, Leveraging Modules, Quiz Basics, Managing Quizzes, Gradebook and Speedgrader, Course Settings and Sharing, etc.)
  • Classroom Application Series: Come prepared to learn more about how you can use Canvas in your everyday life as an instructor. Specific use cases, cool ideas, and classroom analytics will be just a few of the topics we will explore (e.g., Data for Teachers, Outcomes and Rubrics, etc.)
  • Showcase Series: This series will take instructors on exciting tours of new and more advances Canvas features.
  • Self-Paced Series: Asynchronous training resources are a thoughtful collection of user created items which anyone can access for self-paced training (e.g., Accessibility, MasteryPaths, Exploring Canvas Commons, etc.)

Get Started in Canvas Online Training

Click on the ? Help icon and select Canvas Training Services Portal and follow the prompts.

Don't Forget the 24/7 Canvas Support and MyCanvas Teacher at ISU

As a reminder, Canvas offers 24/7 support options. View the list in Canvas by using the ?Help icon on the Global Navigation menu (far left of your screen):

  • Canvas Support Line (Call 515-294-4000, then follow the prompts to connect to Canvas)
  • Live Chat with Canvas Support 
  • A web-based Report a Problem Form

The MyCanvas Teacher at ISU website is designed to familiarize instructors and staff with information on the tools and features of Canvas to prepare them for course design and delivery. 

Visit the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU website