Online Training with Canvas

Canvas Online Training

Things to Consider: Iowa State University Specific

  • Canvas Conferences is no longer recommended by Iowa State University as BigBlueButton has limited us to no more than 10 concurrent Conferences at a time. Therefore, disregard any references to Canvas Conferences during your Canvas Online Training. For your virtual meetings, virtual class times, and virtual student/office hours we recommend you use Webex. Please see this Webex learning tool guide for more information.
  • Requesting a course, enrolling students, publishing a course, and submitting grades are all done using ISU’s Global Course Administration tool, review the Start of Semester Checklist page.

Whether you are brand new to Canvas or a seasoned veteran, there are training offerings that meet your learning style (self-paced, demonstration sessions, interactive sessions, and discussion sessions).

Get Started in Canvas Online Training

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Click on the ? Help icon (far left of your screen)
  3. Select Canvas Training Services Portal then follow the prompts.

Or, review the How do I use the Training Services Portal as an instructor? guide.

The Training Services Portal is hosted in Bridge, a tool built and administered by Instructure. By default, the Training Services Portal opens to the Learning Library, Learn more about using the Learning Library.

The Learning Library includes:

  • Learning Pathways: Collections of recommended courses based on user role. Certificates may be awarded upon completion at 80% accuracy. Learning pathways are organized in Bridge programs. Learn more about using programs.
  • Courses: Information on a variety of Canvas topics. Badges may be awarded upon completion. Learn more about using courses.
  • Videos [4]: Pre-recorded video trainings available on demand. Videos are organized in Bridge courses.


Canvas Foundational Training Videos

  • First Look: This training video demonstrates how to login and use Canvas Global Navigation. Viewers will view account setup procedures, user settings, and Canvas communication tools This video also discusses the numerous avenues for support available to each Canvas user.
  • Course Basics: This introductory training video provides an instructor-view Canvas course overview. Viewers will learn about Course Navigation and Canvas features they can use to deliver content and assess student performance.
  • Student Orientation: This introductory training video provides a student-view Canvas course overview. Viewers will learn about Course Navigation and Canvas features used to deliver content and assess learning and performance.