How-to attend a Webex Training

How-to attend a Webex Training

Cisco Webex Training offers an exceptionally rich and interactive experience. It’s easy to use and includes unlimited online sessions, integrated audio, content sharing, and the ability to record webinars.

Need help with Webex?

Install the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools

If you have yet to install the Cisco Webex Productivity Tools, follow the steps to Download and Install (IT ServiceNow). If you have questions, email the Solution Center at or call 515-294-4000.
Note: If you are interested in using the Web App, go to and log in with your ISU credentials. For more information about how to use the Cisco Webex Web App, see Cisco Webex Meetings: Host a meeting with Webex Web App.

Join a Training Session

There is more than one way to join a training session. If you are having difficulties joining a training session, you can troubleshoot the issues that you are facing.

For more information, see Cisco Webex Troubleshooting.

If you are unable to make it to your CELT program, you can email and ask if a recording is going to be available at a later date.

Overview of the Webex Training email invitation

  1. If you registered for a Webex Training – the email will from (check your junk/spam folder).
  2. The confirmation email includes general information about the Webex training, how-to join, joining by phone, adding the session to your calendar, and how-to-cancel your enrollment in a session (view the Webex Confirmation email screenshot below below).
    Webex email invitation

Joining the Webex Training via email invitation

  1. Select the join link in your email invitation.
  2. Enter your name, email address, and password, if prompted, and select Join. You can also select the Join by browser link to join using the Cisco Webex web app.

Overview of the Inactive Join Session Now

  • Join Session now is inactive because the event is not in progress
  • Information about the Webex Web app
  • Password and session number along with General information about the training
  • Ability to Cancel before the webinar (bottom of screen)
  • Ability to Add the Webex Training webinar to your calendar
    (view the Webex Training Pre-Webinar for Attendees screenshot below)

Webex dashboardActive Join Session Now

The Join Session Now section of the dashboard will show the registration ID along with a password. To join the session, click the Join Now button.

Join now active window

Follow prompts to download any necessary software for Webex


  1. Sign in to ISU’s Webex Dashboard ( or through ISU Okta Dashboard (
  2.  Join an active Webex Training via unlisted sessions using a session number/password or joining a pre-registered/invited session (see steps below).
  3. Then, follow the prompts.

Entering the Session Number and Password

  1. Go to Webex Training (left menu)
    Webex menu (left side of screen)
  2. On this page, Join the Unlisted Training Session, enter the 9-digit session number in the text box, enter the password provided in the email invitation, and select Join Now (view Join an Unlisted Training Session image below).

Registered or Invited

  1. Locate the name of the training on your Webex Dashboard (
  2. Click Join (Join written on a green button)
    Click Join in Webex

Connect to Webex Audio

Cisco Webex Training provides the flexibility to connect audio in multiple ways when audio conferencing is enabled. To find out more, see Tips and Tricks for Using Audio With Cisco Webex.

If you need additional assistance use Webex Help guide on Audio.

After you join the training session, select one of the following Audio Conference choices:

  1. Call in to the session: Dial the phone number shown on your screen.
  2. When prompted, use your phone keypad to enter the access code, and the Attendee ID shown on your screen.

Choose this option to connect to audio using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

  1. Click on Use Computer for AudioChoose audio in Webex Training
  2. Click the “Call Using Computer” button
    Click Call Using Computer button
  3. Click “OK” to allow Cisco Webex Training to access the microphone.
    Click OK to allow Webex Training to access the microphone
  4. To adjust your speaker and microphone settings, go to Audio > Speaker/Microphone Audio Test in the menu bar.
    Speaker and microphone audio test
  5. You should be ready to participate in the Webex Training and the pop-up window should close automatically – if not, use the “X.”

    Ready to participate in the Webex Training

Having audio problems? Call: US Toll:+1-415-655-0001 and enter your session Access code: XXX XXX XXXX

  1. If the Host has muted you, then you cannot unmute yourself.
  2. If the Host has given you access, you can mute or unmute yourself at any time, select the microphone icon. (Note: A unique feature in Webex Training is that the host has the ability to mute on entry, mute all or unmute all attendees).

Using the Interface in Webex Training

After you join the training session, you will have the ability inter engage with the host, and attendees (depending on permissions set).

In Webex Training you have several ways to communicate with the facilitator (see image below):

  • Your mute and unmute is next to your name in the Attendees/participants list. It is a microphone icon –if it is gray you are unmuted. If it is red with a null sign over it – you are muted. Facilitators can unmute and mute all or just one person at a time.
  • Above the chat box you will see a few icons –
  • Raise Hand – if you have a question
  • Green checkmark for Yes
  • Red X for no
  • Arrow pointing left for the facilitator to slow down
  • Arrow pointing right to go faster
  • Emoji is where you can select one of 12 emojis to express yourself
  • Additionally there is another audio button if you need to adjust
  • There is a chat area on the very bottom right of the screen – you can scroll to select the host, all participants, etc.

The Webex Training interface


  1. The Breakout Session dialog box opens
  2. Click “Yes” to join the Breakout Session
  3. The Audio Conference dialog box opens
  4. Click Yes to move audio into a breakout session

Once you are in the Breakout Session you will hear audio and have no video:

  1. Click on your name in Participants panel (Note: you may have to click on Audio to activate the mute/unmute)
  2. If audio is unmuted, click Mute
  3. If audio is muted, click Unmute

Breakout session in Webex Training

Interested in learning more about Webex Training?

Download the Cisco WebEx Training Center (PDF)