Scheduling the Annual Training

Scheduling the Annual Training

CELT will be reaching out to department chairs in mid to late spring semester/early summer 2021 for scheduling Year Two.

Each unit is responsible for:

  • Sharing at least three scheduling options for days/times to host the face-to-face/synchronous program
  • Reserving a space large enough to host the training for their unit or hosting online.
  • Selecting the departmental facilitator to help support the training, view the departmental facilitator frequently asked questions page.
  • Providing an Excel file (.xlsx or .csv) that includes participant IASTATE emails (CELT will use this to enroll your cohort into the Inclusive Classroom Canvas course)
  • Tracking participation of faculty and instructional staff
  • Recording the Inclusive Classroom progress in their annual unit report

CELT is responsible for:

  • Contacting you within 7-days upon receiving a training request to determine the best day and time to host the training
  • Enrolling participants into the Inclusive Classroom Canvas course
  • Collaborating with the departmental facilitator for the training
  • Developing, maintaining, and improving CELT’s Inclusive Classroom resources
  • Facilitating the annual face-to-face/synchronous program to each department/program/school
  • Conducting a post-training evaluation to ensure the program met the objectives
  • Providing continuous opportunities for the campus to engage in extending learning about Inclusive Classroom