Departmental Responsibilities & Scheduling

Departmental Responsibilities & Scheduling

CELT will provide a scheduling form for AY23-24

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Each department/unit will:

  • Share at least three scheduling options for days/times to host the training.
  • Note: Faculty who cannot attend their scheduled departmental training will need to identify a different one to participate in from the AY22-23 training schedule for the departments' page).
  • Choose the facilitated training mode of delivery: online via Zoom synchronous session or face-to-face in a physical location on campus. (Hybrid sessions will not occur).
  • Reserve a physical location large enough to host their unit if the training mode is face-to-face.
  • Communicate with their faculty about the meeting logistics (e.g., face-to-face location or Zoom meeting link) via an Outlook calendar invitation or other means.
  • Select a member of your faculty to serve as a departmental facilitator (other than the unit leader). The departmental facilitator will assist and create synergy at the local level throughout the inclusive classroom annual training; see the departmental facilitator's responsibilities and frequently asked questions page. Or, to see who served in this role previously, view the departmental facilitator rosters.
  • Upload an Excel file (.xlsx or .csv) with your unit's participant IASTATE emails in the Qualtrics form. If you do not have the list available, please email it to as soon as possible. Note: We will forward the email to you to share with your colleagues if we don't receive your email list.
  • You may receive requests from faculty outside your department to attend your Unit's Training. Once you accept their request, please provide the Training's Zoom login information or physical location to the faculty member.
  • Track the participation of faculty and instructional staff attending your unit's training and share with your College/SVPP upon request.
  • Record the Inclusive Classroom progress in the departmental annual unit report.

CELT will:

  • Contact the unit within 7-days of receiving the request to schedule the best day and time to host the training.
  • If the unit selects online training, CELT will create a Zoom link to be shared with faculty.
  • Provide Inclusive Classroom pre-work resources by August 1 each year for faculty to engage with before their CELT-facilitated program. Share the resources with the Unit leader and departmental facilitator.
  • Host optional pre-and post-workshop meetings for the departmental facilitators to consult with CELT.
  • Develop, maintain, and continually improve CELT's Inclusive Classroom resources.
  • Facilitate the annual program for each unit (department/program/school).
  • Conduct a post-evaluation to ensure the training met the objectives.
  • Provide continuous inclusive classroom professional opportunities for the campus to engage in to extend their learning.