Departmental Facilitator Responsibilities & FAQ

Departmental Facilitator Responsibilities & Frequently Asked Questions

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Departmental (Dept.) facilitators assist and create synergy at the local level throughout the inclusive classroom annual training. The Department Chair/Unit Leader selects a faculty member to serve in their unit’s role and notifies CELT of their selection.

Facilitators’ responsibilities, their frequently asked questions, and the departmental facilitator rosters are on this page.


Departmental facilitators will receive a $500 professional development stipend* and a certificate of merit from the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost (SVPP) upon completion of the following:

Required components:

  • Assist in the Annual Inclusive Classroom Training
  • Attend at least two Inclusive Classroom-related programs
  • Complete the feedback gather survey (available in December)

Optional: Attend the pre-and-post information sessions or facilitators.

* Facilitators work with their departmental fiscal officer to obtain a General University (GU) worktag (account #) for CELT to transfer the $500 stipend to the person’s campus professional development account once all the required components are completed.

FAQ for Dept. Facilitators

Who selects the departmental facilitator?

The Department Chair/Unit Leader determines who the departmental facilitator is for their unit and notifies CELT of their selection.

Where can I direct my colleagues if they have questions?

Feel free to connect them to our Training Frequently Asked Questions page. This resource is where you can explore answers to questions such as, “I am unable to attend my department’s face-to-face/synchronous program; are there other options?” “Who has to participate in the training?” and more!

For additional information and inquiries, please email

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Rosters for Dept. Facilitators

Dept. facilitators are listed below by academic year (most recent first) and then alphabetically by unit.

Unit College(s)
Dept Facilitator
Denison Christine Accounting IVYCOB
Pouya Shahram Aerospace Engineering ENGR
Reddy-Best Kelly AESHM (Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management) H_SCI
Wright James Ag Biosystems Engineering CALS, ENGR
Rinker Skyler Ag Ed and Studies CALS
Wiedenhoeft Mary Agronomy CALS
Schmalzried Tina Air Force ROTC LAS
Lamont Susan Animal Science CALS
Whitehead Rob Architecture DESIGN
Caldwell Barbara Art and Visual Culture DESIGN
Andreotti Amy Biochem, Biophys & Molec. Biol CALS,LAS
Greenlee Heather Biomedical Sciences VET MED
Lamm Monica Chemical and Biological Engineering ENGR
Awino Joseph Chemistry LAS
Wood Jonathan Civil, Construction, and Enviro Engr ENGR
Haddad Monica Community and Regional Planning DESIGN
Sukul Adisak Computer Science LAS
Heath Tracy Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biol CALS,LAS
Elobeid Amani Economics LAS
Fila Nick Electrical and Computer Engineering ENGR
Betcher Gloria English LAS
Duong Truong Finance IVYCOB
Manz Carly Genetics, Development and Cell Biol LAS CALS
Wood Aaron Geological and Atmospheric Sciences LAS
Olsen Brandon Graphic Design DESIGN
Behnken Brian History LAS
Haynes Cindy Horticulture CALS
Popillion Amy Human Development and Family Sciences H_SCI
Stone Richard Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering ENGR
Nilakanta Sree Info Systems and Bus Analytics IVYCOB
Irish Julie Interior Design DESIGN
Austin Tanya Ivy Business Career Services IVYCOB
Wilson Sarah Ivy Graduate Programs IVYCOB
Tapp Michele Ivy Undergraduate Programs IVYCOB
Adams Cynthia Kinesiology H_SCI
Jayashankar Priyanka Marketing IVYCOB
Collins Peter Materials Science and Engineering ENGR
Johnson Susan Mathematics LAS
Ren Juan Mechanical Engineering ENGR
Giles Sonja Music and Theatre LAS
Curzon Miranda Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) CALS
Padgett Walsh Cullen Philosophy and Religious Studies LAS
Furukawa Yuji Physics and Astronomy LAS
Boury Nancy Plant Pathology and Micro and Entomology CALS
Erica Smith Amy Political Science LAS
Hessling Bob Psychology LAS
Doran Erin School of Education H_SCI
Harper Shannon Sociology LAS
Ghosh Arka Statistics CALS LAS
Belleville Amber Supply Chain Management IVYCOB
Vega-Garcia Susan University Library Library
Brown Justin Vet Diagnostic and Production Animal Med VET MED
Sponseller Brett Vet Microbiology and Preventive Med VET MED
Albaugh Rachel Veterinary Clinical Sciences VET MED
Nolting Lisa Veterinary Pathology VET MED
Rizo Elisa World Languages and Cultures LAS
Unit College(s)
Dept Facilitator
Accounting IVYCOB Christine Denison
Aerospace Engineering ENGR Steve Holland
AESHM H_SCI Kelly Reddy-Best
Ag Biosystems Engineering CALS, ENGR James Wright
Ag Ed & Studies CALS Skyler Rinker
Agronomy CALS Maria Salas-Fernandez
Air Force ROTC LAS Lindsey Schaefer
Animal Science AGLS Joan Cunnick
Architecture DESIGN Rob Whitehead
Art & Visual Culture DESIGN Barbara Caldwell
Biochem, Biophys & Molec. Biol CALS,LAS Mark Hargrove
Biomedical Sciences VET MED Heather Greenlee
Chemical & Biological Engineering ENGR Monica Lamm
Chemistry LAS Joseph Awino
Civil, Construction, & Enviro Engr ENGR Jonathan Wood
Community & Regional Planning DESIGN Monica Haddad
Computer Science LAS Soma Chaudhuri
Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biol CALS,LAS Amy Toth
Economics LAS Helle Bunzel
Electrical & Computer Eng ENGR Nick Fila
English LAS Gloria Betcher
Finance IVYCOB Truong Duong
Food Science Human Nutrition CALS,H_SCI Lorraine Lanningham-Foster
Genetics, Development & Cell Biol LAS CALS Carly Manz
Geological & Atmospheric Sciences LAS Aaron Wood
Graphic Design DESIGN Taekyeom Lee
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication LAS Kelly Winfrey
HDFS H_SCI Laura VanWaardhuizen
History LAS Brian Behnken
Horticulture AGLS Cindy Haynes
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering ENGR Stephen Gilbert
Industrial Design DESIGN Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness
Info Systems & Bus Analytics IVYCOB Sree Nilakanta
Interior Design DESIGN Julie Irish
Ivy Business Career Services IVYCOB Tanya Austin
Ivy Graduate Programs IVYCOB Sarah Wilson
Ivy Undergraduate Programs IVYCOB Michele Tapp
Kinesiology H_SCI Cynthia Adams
Landscape Architecture DESIGN Carl Rogers
Library Library Susan Vega Garcia
Management and Entrepreneurship (MGTEN) IVYCOB Jim Summers
Marketing IVYCOB Priyanka Jayashankar
Materials Science & Engineering ENGR Peter Collins
Mathematics LAS Susan Johnson
Mechanical Engineering ENGR Mike Olsen
Military Science & Tactics LAS Jeremy Paul
Music and Theatre LAS Brad Dell
Natural Resource Ecology and Management (NREM) AGLS Miranda Curzon
Naval Science LAS Julie Wiseman
Philosophy and Religious Studies LAS Jonathan Tsou
Physics & Astronomy LAS Yuji Furukawa
Plant Pathology & Micro & Entomology AGLS Nancy Boury
Political Science LAS Mack Shelley
Psychology LAS Bob Hessling
School of Education H_SCI Ann Gansemer-Topf
Sociology LAS Shannon Harper
Statistics CALS LAS Arka Ghosh
Supply Chain Management IVYCOB Amber Belleville
Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal Med VET MED Justin Brown
Vet Microbiology & Preventive Med VET MED Iddo Friedberg
Veterinary Clinical Sciences VET MED Rachel Albaugh
Veterinary Pathology VET MED Amanda Fales-Williams
World Languages & Cultures LAS Fabiana Depaula
UnitCollege(s)Dept Facilitator
AccountingIVYCOBChristine Denison
Aerospace EngineeringENGRSteve Holland
AESHMH_SCIKelly Reddy-Best
Ag Biosystems EngineeringCALS, ENGRJames Wright
Ag Ed & StudiesCALSMark Hainline
AgronomyCALSWalter Suza
Mary Wiedenhoeft
Animal ScienceAGLSJoan Cunnick
ArchitectureDESIGNNick Senske
Art & Visual CultureDESIGNNONE
Biochem, Biophys & Molec. BiolCALS,LASMark Hargrove
Biomedical SciencesVET MEDHeather Greenlee
Chemical & Biological EngineeringENGRJen Heinen
ChemistryLASJoseph Awino
Civil, Construction, & Enviro EngrENGRSri Sritharan
Community & Regional PlanningDESIGNMonica Haddad
Computer ScienceLASSoma Chaudhuri
Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal BiolCALS,LASLori Biederman
EconomicsLASHelle Bunzel
Electrical & Computer EngENGRDiane Rover
EnglishLASGloria Betcher
FinanceIVYCOBTruong Duong
Food Science Human NutritionCALS,H_SCIChristina Campbell
Genetics, Development & Cell BiolLAS CALSCarly Manz
Geological & Atmospheric SciencesLASAaron Wood
Graphic DesignDESIGNSung Kang
Greenlee School of Journalism and CommunicationLASKelly Winfrey
HDFSH_SCIAmy Popillion
Laura Van Waardhuizen
HistoryLASBrian Behnken
HorticultureAGLSCindy Haynes
IMSEENGRStephen Gilbert
Industrial DesignDESIGNAna Luz
Info Systems & Bus AnalyticsIVYCOBSree Nilakanta
Interior DesignDESIGNJulie Irish
Ivy Business Career ServicesIVYCOBTanya Austin
Ivy Undergraduate ProgramsIVYCOBMichele Tapp
KinesiologyH_SCICynthia Adams
Landscape ArchitectureDESIGNJulie Stevens
LibraryLibrarySusan Vega Garcia
ManagementIVYCOBJim Summers
MarketingIVYCOBRussell Laczniak
Materials Science & EngineeringENGRMartha Selby
MathematicsLASAlejandro Andreotti
Mechanical EngineeringENGRReza Montazami
Military ScienceLASNONE
Music and TheatreLASChristina Svec
Naval ScienceLASLindsey Schaefer
NREM & ENTAGLSMiranda Curzon
Philosophy and Religious StudiesLASStephen Biggs
Physics & AstronomyLASHelen Fretwell
Plant Pathology & MicroAGLSNancy Boury
Political ScienceLASNell Gabiam
PsychologyLASBob Hessling
School of EducationH_SCIJeanne Dyches
SociologyLASLeana Bouffard
StatisticsCALS LASPhilip Dixon
Supply Chain MgmtIVYCOBAmber Belleville
Vet Diagnostic & Production Animal MedVET MEDJustin Brown
Vet Microbiology & Preventive MedVET MEDGayle Brown
Veterinary Clinical SciencesVET MEDMelissa Tropf
Veterinary PathologyVET MEDCheryl Lawson
World Languages & CulturesLASElisa Rizo

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