Annual Inclusive Classroom Training

Annual Inclusive Classroom Training

The annual training is the result of the ten actions (PDF)  outlined in President Wintersteen’s message that CELT will, “… conduct annual training for faculty in each academic department on the importance of, and approaches to, creating an inclusive classroom environment.”

Logistics (date/time/modality) for the AY21-22 scheduled trainings

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Outline of responsibilities for departments and CELT

Role overview and frequently asked questions

CELT scheduled AY21-22 for fall 2021. The objectives include:

  • Recognize how teaching plays an important role in a student’s sense of belonging.
  • Identify strategies to create a student’s sense of belonging in your teaching.
  • Locate student support resources and use/share them with students.

CELT finished AY20-21 of training in fall 2020. The objectives included:

  • Recognize why teaching inclusively is important.
  • Identify course-specific improvements to foster inclusive excellence in the classroom.