Increased student response rates provide additional evidence for instructor analysis. There are several strategies to increase the response rate, including,

Before survey release:

  • Placing student survey dates in your course schedule to demonstrate the importance of the ratings and as a reminder.
  • Informing students of how you have used ratings data to improve the course in the past or present.
  • Accustom students to feedback by seeking formative information early and often in the semester. Constructive feedback collected early in the course can positively increase the completion rate for the end-of-course ratings. Consider using a mid-semester assessment and visit the how to use formative course feedback from students’ webpage.  
  • Detailing how the institution uses evaluation feedback. Many students do not realize that their ratings are looked at by department chairs and included as teaching documentation in personnel decisions, such as annual reviews and promotion and tenure. 

During survey release:

  • Providing class time for students to complete the end-of-course ratings. It is best practice for the instructor to excuse themselves from the physical or virtual room during the process.
  • Telling your students that you would like to get feedback from everyone. Set a percentage for class completion for the entire class to earn a small extra credit bonus. For example, tell the class that if they achieve 85% class completion of the survey, they will receive a small number of extra credit points.
  • Sending students a personal reminder (in addition to the automatic reminders to complete the student ratings) can send the message that the instructor values the ratings.