CyThx at Iowa State University

CyThx at Iowa State University

To celebrate effective teaching, advising, and mentoring, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) partners with ISU Learning Communities, Multicultural Student Affairs, Student Government, and Graduate and Professional Student Senate for the annual recognition project #CyThx at Iowa State University.

In our third year, #CyThx once again promoted ISU’s Strategic Goal 4, “Continue to enhance and cultivate the ISU experience where faculty, staff, students, and visitors are safe and feel welcomed, supported, included, and valued by the university and each other.” #CyThx invites Cyclones to share, “Who makes you feel like a valued member of the ISU community?”

For 2020, we collected 277 #CyThx submissions representing 102 units at Iowa State. We have shared each #CyThx with each recipient and their unit leader. Please note, some people received multiple #CyThx.

The #CyThx website hosts the message for those community members who wanted it published publicly. This year, those Cyclones who requested a private #CyThx message states, “#CyThx comments only shared with the person thanked.”

Below are the #CyThx from 2020 (alphabetical by first name) with the #CyThx messages, or download the list of #CyThx 2020 Honorees (PDF).

#CyThx 2020: Someone feels valued at ISU because of the following people

Jennifer Bundy, Animal Science

Things have been really hard in my life recently, my brother died and I have been really struggling with coming to ISU. She has been

Jennifer Newman, Mathematics

Dr. Newman makes me feel valued by taking the time to accurately explain math concepts in her recitations. It lets me know that she cares

Jennifer Stover, School of Education

Jen Stover goes out of her way to provide excellent resources and opportunities for her students. She supports and cares deeply and makes sure students

Jenny Aune, English

Jenny and her team provided outstanding technical and online support for instructors and students of these English courses at the beginning of the semester. Since

Jess Severe, Statistics

“She made the process of applying, being accepted, visiting, and then becoming a graduate student at ISU very easy. She was very helpful with my

Jodi Sterle, Animal Science

“During lectures, she always mentions have fun it is to have us there. Before a quiz, she leaves us a little note like keep pushing

Joe Kupfer, Philosophy

Professor Kupfer introduced me to the teachings of philosophy through a wonderfully led class. I took Philosophy 230 because my sister recommended it though she

José Rosa, Marketing

Dr. Rosa is ALWAYS there for me. His unconditional support is, undoubtedly, the reason I am where I am today. As a doctoral student, I

Justin Chapman, Animal Science

#CyThx comments only shared with the person thanked (CyThx 1) “Justin always has an open door to his office to welcome me in whenever I

Justin Swanton, Animal Science

“Justin is not only phenomenal inside the classroom, but goes above and beyond in his extracurriculars as well. Anybody who knows him knows that he

Kan Wang, Agronomy

Being an international student, I am grateful to my Professor for operating a laboratory where every individual is respected without regard to race, age, religion

Karen Bovenmyer, CELT

Karen truly and deeply cares about her students, past and present. She is patient and kind and a font of knowledge. Our University is very

Karen Couves, CELT

“Karen cares so much about the team and always has a smile to share with the staff and a good positive thought. She reminds me

Karri Haen, Biology

Ms.Haen was always understanding of my complicated life and was able to accommodate to my needs. She always offered me extensions, pointed me to resources,

Katy Heineman, CALS Student Services

I appreciate Katy’s willingness to listen, encourage and strategize solutions. Students are always the central focus of her work and she works very hard to

Kelly Reddy-Best, AESHM

Dr. Reddy-Best consistently finds the newest resources to infuse greater diversity of material and content into her classes. She is a social justice champion who

Kelsey Powell, Animal Science

“Mrs. Powell is absolutely incredible. Before I was officially a Cyclone, she helped me every step of the way and still does today. She makes

Ken Tsai, AESHM

Dr. Tsai is always excited to see me, always knows what’s going on in my life and is always interested in what I am up

Kendall Lamkey, Agronomy

Dr. Lamkey affirms the value of what I do as a Professor in a way that encourages me to always strive to improve what I

Laura Bestler, CELT

Laura goes above and beyond in everything that she does. She always thinks about students and is proactive in trying to provide resources for faculty

Laura Brown, English

Dr. Brown is an excellent professor here at Iowa State! She puts in a lot of work for the class discussions, which we had frequently

Laura Greiner, Animal Science

Dr. Laura Greiner has made me feel like a valued member of the ISU community because of all of the things that she does outside

Lauren Rosburg, Animal Science

She always is there to answer my questions, and she brightens up my day when we get together for our in person learning community.

Leif Olsen, Academic Success Center

“Leif is a caring colleague who brings a sense of optimism to every challenging situation. He always sees possibilities and new opportunities no matter the

Lesya Hassall, CELT

“Lesya works so hard to make sure faculty and instructors have the resources that they need to succeed. I really appreciate her determination and professionalism

Liz Remus, IT Solution Center

Liz supported #CyThx this year through work at the Solution Center. We are grateful to the individualized support and tireless efforts that Liz and several

Marin Kohut, Kinesiology & Health

Marian always has a positive, encouraging attitude. Her work ethic, determination, and dedication are unmatched! She puts her excellence into everything she does. On top

Marlys Carlson, CELT

Marlys has a heart of gold! She cares very deeply about the CELT team and their families.

Morgan Fritz, Political Science

Morgan contributes high levels of enthusiasm and a strategic perspective to each group she is involved in. Her positive energy can change the dynamic of

Nick Senske, Architecture

“Nick always makes sure to prioritize our mental health, and understands when we need a break. He is also very respectful of people’s names and

Nick Serck, Chemistry

Nick is a peer mentor for the Chemistry Learning Community and one of my best friends at ISU. He is such a huge help when

Paul Hengesteg, CELT

Paul is the newest addition to the CELT team but has already become such a valued member! I thank Paul for bringing his full self

Pete Evans, Industrial Design

Pete has been a phenomenal professor during this radically different semester. I appreciate his willingness to listen to us in the class and make changes

Rachel Burlingame, Sociology

I live outside of Ames and Rachel is my go-to for questions or needs on campus. She is always quick with an answer and prompt

Rano Marupova, Parks Library

Rano is the tech wizard who coordinates a digital literacy online course in Canvas. Although she always comes with innovative ideas that can greatly improve

Rebecca Kropp, Admissions

Rebecca has been nothing but supportive and nice from the very moment that I met her. She always makes sure that each one of us