Canvas Deploy: File Folder Structure in Blueprint Courses and Rich Content Editor focus (March 17, 2021)

The March 17, 2021 Canvas Deploy addresses the following features:

  • Rich Content Editor: When a user switches between editors, focus is retained in the editor link (Pretty HTML editor or Raw Editor, respectively).
  • File Folder Structure in Blueprint Courses: Folders changed in a Blueprint Course display in associated courses after the course sync.

Visit the Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes.

Canvas Deploy: Quiz Questions and Rich Content Editor (March 3, 2021)

The March 3, 2021 Canvas Deploy addresses several accessibility and user interface bugs, as well as the following features:

  • Mathematical Formulas in Quiz Questions: Mathematical formulas are rounded correctly in Quizzes.
  • Numerical Quiz Questions with Precision Answers: Auto-generated decimal places are not added to numerical questions with precision answers in Quizzes.
  • Rich Content Editor: Removing alternative text from an image and marking the image as decorative does not get flagged in the Accessibility checker.

Visit the Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes.

Canvas Release: LaTeX, HTML Editor

Implementation Date: February 20, 2021

In this Canvas Release, the changes below became part of the main Canvas environment. 

Additional features included in this update but not added to the ISU environment are listed below. These decisions are continuously revisited as Canvas adds further functionality.

  • Grading Period in CSV Headers: Grading Periods have not been enabled at ISU as they do not accommodate courses with non-standard start and end dates.
  • Import Override Scores in Gradebook: This adds the ability to import a CSV file to a Final Grade Override column in the Gradebook, which has not been enabled at ISU. 
    • Any Teacher, Co-teacher, or TA has the ability to enable the Final Grade Override column; it is not specific to the Instructor of Record.
    • Once enabled in a course it cannot be disabled.
    • If applied too early in the semester, students would see an inaccurate grade throughout the semester, which could potentially result in a student’s grade changing from an A to an F immediately prior to grade submission.
    • Final Grade override actions are not recorded in the Gradebook history so there is no record of who changed a student’s score or when.
  • View Ungraded as Zero: This feature allows an instructor to view student grades as if all ungraded assignments were worth zero points. This change is not reflected in the student’s view; the instructor and student see two different grades.
    • There is a warning when the option is first turned on but the setting persists until the instructor turns it off, with no additional warnings.
    • The only indicator that this is enabled is each Gradebook column will now include the words “Ungraded as 0” in the column header. This indicator can get lost in the clutter of posting policies and the unpublished status indicator.
    • A similar option previously existed in Canvas and caused significant issues during grade submission.

Read the Canvas Release Notes for more information on these changes.m

Canvas: Student View Button, Rich Content Editor, Minor Visual Improvements, Quiz Previews

Implementation Date: February 17, 2021

This Canvas Deploy addresses the following issues: 

  • The Student View button now includes the text ‘Student View’, has been removed from the Course Settings page, and is now visible in smaller screen sizes, including browsers on mobile devices. 
  • The Rich Content Editor will now display embedded iframes inline and a download icon next to a file link. 
  • The People and Syllabus pages receive some minor visual changes to improve accessibility. 
  • Instructors’ quiz previews are no longer treated as student submissions and the option to lock questions after answering does not affect the quiz previews. 

Visit the Canvas Deploy Notes website for a full description of changes. 

TurnItIn: Draft Coach Now Available for Students

TurnItIn Draft Coach supports students in delivering high-quality academic writing, using text similarity checking to highlight the importance of research and correctly citing sources. Students can effortlessly run a report to check their Google Docs for similarity against the TurnItIn database. Any matches are individually highlighted and can be reviewed in the easy to navigate side panel.

See the TurnItIn: Draft Coach learning tool guide to get started.

Grammarly: Improvements on Mobile Devices

The Grammarly app has been available on both Android and iOS as a native keyboard for quite some time. Below are five reasons you should consider using Grammarly on your phone:

  1. Fewer typos, errors, and mistakes
  2. Searchable emojis
  3. A bigger vocabulary
  4. Works where you work
  5. Personalization settings

Still not convinced? Here are some added features to make writing on your phone even easier:

  1. Dark theme
  2. Speech to text
  3. Suggestions for style improvements and vocabulary enhancements

Download Grammarly for Android or iOS.