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Angela Prince, School of Education

Dr. Prince cares deeply about every student she knows and meets. She goes out of her way to make you feel supported and excited about where you are headed. Dr. Prince made me find a passion for Special Education and I am thankful to have her.

Ann Gansemer-Topf, School of Education

Dr. GT is such an important part of keeping our program strong and vibrant. She places students at the center of everything she does, and she is still a kind and friendly ear when you need something. Dr. GT is a big part of why I feel a part of a community.

Arka Ghosh, Statistics

Dr. Ghosh is an excellent professor as he makes sure to engage the class constantly by asking interesting questions, and also highlight the important material during the lectures. As if this were not enough, he even stops to make sure that everyone is following along during class, and that nobody is stuck if he glances … Continue reading Arka Ghosh, Statistics