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Toyia Younger, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Younger has shown tremendous support within the ISU community since her arrival on campus in August. Her energy is contagious and motivating to all of the staff within the Division of Student Affairs. She embodies the Division’s mission to enhance success for all students at ISU!

Tyler Knaplund, Psychology

Tyler teaches a career search class for psych students, he does everything in his power to help students find their passions and form and reach their career goals. He is flexible and understanding, making sure students’ health, safety, and wellbeing come first, and continuously goes out of his way to make sure students excel.

Wendy Wintersteen, President

President Wintersteen leads our university with grace, humility, and strength. She is a role model for all who interact with her and makes personal connections with those she speaks with. Her leadership maneuvering through a challenging pandemic is admirable. Iowa State is incredibly lucky to have her and her desire to create a welcoming, inclusive, … Continue reading Wendy Wintersteen, President

Suhan Yao, Engineering LAS Online

Suhan Yao has been an invaluable resource for all aspects of online instruction. She provided just in time instructional support during the Pandemic and helped me deliver quality online education.