Category: CyThx19

Ron Deiter, Economics

Dr. Deiter goes above and beyond to help members of our program achieve success and celebrate it with them. He continually pushes us to perform at our best and helps us identify opportunities that relate to our interests and skillsets. He is a critical component of our program and his contributions have impacted countless students … Continue reading Ron Deiter, Economics

Blake Red Elk, New Student Programs

Blake cares about getting to know people. He cares about my aspirations, challenges, successes, and pitfalls. Blake makes me feel like a valued member of the ISU community when he listens empathetically to concerns and gives grand advice because it matters to him.

Rosie Rowe, University Library

Rosie is great at her job! She is a wizard with technology and handles digitization and student employees with ease. She is easy to talk to and very funny. Thanks!

Sarah Merrill, New Student Programs

Always supporting me and making me feel like a valued member of her team no matter what. Sarah’s been a huge positive presence in my Iowa State experience and has done so much for me.