Lisa Oakes, Greenlee School of Journalism

You have encouraged so many of us and despite everything you have been going through this semester, you have created a community amongst the class and with you. So, thank you. Sincerely, Roger Rivera

Jan Boyles, Greenlee School of Journalism

She comes to class every day with a smile and a good attitude. She makes tests and assignments as easy as possible while still requiring students to know the material! She brings treats on holidays/ special occasions and is always speedy with communication when we reach out to her.

Andrea Quam, Graphic Design

CyThx 1. “Andrea makes every member of the class feel valued through her genuine concern for our growth, not only as graphic designers, but as individuals as well. It is very apparent that she dedicates a great portion of her time, energy and effort towards educating us to the best of her abilities, even if … Continue reading Andrea Quam, Graphic Design

Diane Jepsen, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology

Diane is amazing! Programmatically and in terms of physical locations, the GDCB department is pulled in many directions. Diane is one of the wonderful professionals who helps to keep it all together. She goes the extra mile to help anyone in need. She makes our department better and makes each of us feel valued