Laura Bestler

Headshot of Laura Bestler

Laura Bestler coordinates strategic initiatives and the ISU Annual Student-Centered Learning Workshop. She received accolades as a recipient of the 2019 Women Impacting Iowa State calendar and the 2019 Carroll Ringgenberg Award, an annual University award.

Laura earned her doctoral degree in educational leadership with a concentration in social justice from Iowa State University. She has a B.S. in broad-area art from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and an M.Ed. in educational leadership from Grand Valley State University (MI).

Laura was the technology coordinator for the University Council for Educational Administration’s (UCEA) Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE) from 2008-2011. She worked as a student affairs administrator at Iowa State University from 1997-2006 and at William Penn College (IA) from 1995-1997.

Laura lives in Ames with her partner Sam. They have two Dobermans, Gunny and Jefé, and two Norwegian Forest Cats, Tyrion and Emmylou.