Iowa State CELT jobs posted

Iowa State University is restructuring its online education staff from academic colleges into a new unit that will become part of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT); read the Inside Iowa State University restructures online education programs under CELT umbrella article. We have hired our senior managers (Susan Arendt, Iowa State Online, Matt Carver, Enterprise Instructional Technology, Lesya Hassall, Course Design and Quality, and Clark Coffman, Instructor Development). Now we are trying to expand our staff in the following areas within CELT:

  • Iowa State Onlineincluding marketing, new programs, corporate outreach, business development, and student success functions.
  • Instructor developmentincluding core support for instructors, training for faculty and graduate students, faculty fellows, and the inclusive classroom program.
  • Course design and qualityincluding instructional design, quality, and faculty support.
  • Enterprise instructional technologyincluding media production, Canvas administration, learning tools integration, and online testing centers.

Would you share the following positions with individuals that you think would be interesting? Individuals can type the title* or requisition number into this site: to apply for positions. Thank you, and looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Iowa State Online                                                     

  • R9555 E: Communication Specialist II (Communications Specialist II)  
  • R9563: Graphic Designer II (Graphic Designer II)
  • R9554 E: Student Services Specialist II (Student Services Specialist II)  
  • R9592 E: Graduate Student Services Specialist II (Graduate Student Services Specialist II)

Enterprise Instructional Technology Unit  

  • R9565: Manager Media Production (Manager Media Production)
  • R9568: LMS Software Developer (Software Developer II) 
  • R9569: Data Analyst II (Data Analyst II)  
  • R9579: Testing Center Supervisor (Instructional Technology Specialist III)
  • R9571: LTI Process Management (Instructional Technology Specialist II)  

Course Design and Quality Unit  

  • R9589: Manager Online Instructional Design (Manager Instructional Design)
  • R9590: Manager Faculty Support (Manager Instructional Design) 
  • R9594 E: Instructional Technology Specialist II (Instructional Technology Specialist II)  
  • R9556 E: Instructional Designer II (Instructional Designer II)

Staff posting: Open 9/30 – Closes 10/8 

  • R9592 E 
  • R9594 E 
  • R9554 E 
  • R9555 E 
  • R9556 E 

Staff posting: Open 10/3- Closes 10/11  

  • R9563 
  • R9568 
  • R9569 
  • R9571 

Management positions: Open 10/3-Closes 10/20 

  • R9589 
  • R9590 
  • R9579 
  • R9565 

* HR position title is listed in parenthesis