Canvas Release and Deploy – April 27 & May 21

This update will contain general Canvas release and deploy notes for April 27 and May 21. These notes will not contain any updates pertaining to New Quizzes. All New Quizzes updates specific to this timeframe that have been released through the Canvas release and deploy notes can be found in a separate post.

If you’re looking for more information on New Quizzes, you can review the New Quizzes in Canvas webpage.

April 27

Interface Updates

  • Account, Course, and User Settings: In account, course and user settings, users can filter feature options by All, Enabled, or Disabled. Users can also search within the filters for feature options.
  • Course Settings: Local and Course Time Zones Displayed: In Course Settings, instructors can view local and course time zones.
  • Dashboard: Observer Dashboard Update: Observers can view the dashboard that matches the student they are observing.
  • Module: ‘Select a Module’ Drop-Down Menu Update: When importing content using Direct Share or Shared Content features, the Modules drop-down menu has been updated to present all modules available in the destination course.

Feature Preview

  • Courses: Course Pacing: This feature allows the automagical distribution of due dates for students with different start dates based on an instructor’s defined pace.

May 21

  • Dashboard: Observer Dashboard Filtered by Student: Observers who are linked to multiple students can select which dashboard they want to view. They can click on the Student drop-down menu to change the dashboard view of the student they are observing.

If you’d like, you can read the full notes for April 27 and May 21 on the Canvas website.