ISU Community

I would like to thank fellow students and peers for being the lifeblood of the ISU community. This semester has posed several challenges for me, and I find myself seeking out the guidance and opinions of my peers first and my instructors second because some of my instructors do not answer emails when I need help outside of the classroom.

I credit my fellow students with making me feel like a valued member of the ISU community because I have met several people who have taken the time to approach me and ask me if I needed help with something when I did not know who to ask or how to ask for help. This makes me feel valued because that means other students are looking out for me and each other and can recognize when someone may need a few words of guidance or suggestion. Usually an instructor is a main point of contact for guidance and information, but when the days get late and instructors and faculty leave for the day who do I ask when I need help right in the moment? Students who are working late into the night with me past midnight or later in the classroom or studio (I am a College of Design student). I have had some very valuable conversations with students that have helped me by sharing the experiences that they have also endured similar to my own. When I have expressed a concern or question about something that I am doing with a project, my classmates usually help me solve my problem with helpful solutions and ideas which helps me form my own solutions if I encounter the same problem later on. I also try to be helpful to other students are fellow classmates if they are struggling with a project or looking for information.

On a larger scale, students are exploring all parts of the campus community so I believe they are the best sources of information and know-how in how to traverse the unknowns of college life and campus in general. Technology such as Google and GPS only tell me so much when I am trying to find the best route to a location I have never visited, but a student who is familiar with the area can tell me the best way to get from point A to point B, whether walking or driving, to perhaps avoid a more confusing route portrayed by my GPS.

Additionally, I have found that asking my fellow students for advice on the best places to print material or look for resources has proven very helpful to me just within the past couple of weeks and I have made a point of sharing what I have learned from other students with my classmates so they also know of resources that they would not have otherwise considered to save them time and money. ISU has tons of student resources online and on campus, but when I do not have time or the opportunity to look something up or visit a student resources building, talking to students around me has been the best source of information to find what I am looking for, which helps me know where to go and what to do next time I am looking for the same resource.

I know this form is meant to identify one individual, but I wanted to use this opportunity to share my gratitude to my fellow students and classmates. They are awesome people.

So to all the helpful, knowledgeable students out there, thank you for looking out for each other.