CyThx Teaching Spotlight: Laura Greiner

Dr. Laura Greiner's headshot. She is in a gray blazer and pink shirt.

Dr. Laura Greiner was featured in #CyThx 2020 with this message: 

Dr. Laura Greiner has made me feel like a valued member of the ISU community because of all of the things that she does outside and inside of the classroom for students. This semester I am in her Swine Science class and she has made so many adjustments to fit the COVID-19 situation and the needs of students. She has personally helped me develop my resume and cover letter and get me in contact with industry leaders for internships. Dr. Greiner has also gone above and beyond as an educator by being involved on campus with student organizations as she is the Block & Bridle advisor. Dr. Laura Greiner has been such a great professor for me this semester and as a faculty member that I can trust and go to with anything that is happening in my life.

Dr. Greiner shared this teaching advice:

During COVID class adjustments, our class was set up as hybrid with synchronous webinars during the in-person lecture hour. I had many students that would choose to participate remotely during our scheduled lecture hour rather than attending in person.  Students attending online were encouraged to ask questions and those questions were answered in real-time, much as if they were sitting in the classroom with us.

I believe in interactive learning and will spend the first few weeks of class creating interactive activities in which we learn each other’s names and encourage open dialogue through team-building activities.  

Take the five to ten minutes before class, walk the classroom, greet students by name, check-in with the students that tend to be a bit quieter, and ask questions. 

Whenever possible, talk about what is going on in the world that relates to the course material and ask for student input to encourage critical thinking.

CELT courses

I have attended a seminar on Engagement Strategies for Every Classroom which helped me identify novel ways to assess student knowledge and gain classroom engagement. I recently completed a Project-Based Learning Workshop that has really given me a new insight on developing a course that deviates from the typical lecture format.