CyThx Teaching Spotlight: Arka Ghosh

Dr. Arka Ghosh's headshot

Dr. Arka Ghosh was featured in #CyThx 2020 with this message: 

Dr. Ghosh is an excellent professor as he makes sure to engage the class constantly by asking interesting questions, and also highlight the important material during the lectures. As if this were not enough, he even stops to make sure that everyone is following along during class, and that nobody is stuck if he glances around the room (I took this class before the pandemic, and am always grateful for how amazing of a professor he is!).

Dr. Ghosh shared this teaching advice:

I teach graduate and undergraduate courses in Statistics, both in-person and online. When I started teaching, I promised myself not to forget how it feels to be a student. I remember feeling lost in courses, not following everything the professor said, or getting utterly disinterested in the course topic. As an instructor, I try to make sure that does not happen to my students.

I print out their photos from AccessPlus at the beginning of the course and learn their names. In larger classes, I ask them to sit at the same spot and make a seating chart to help me remember their names. I feel like that makes a big difference in keeping them engaged. While teaching, I keep asking individual students questions to make sure they are keeping up.

I have found CELT workshops beneficial for me to grow as an instructor. In particular, the Quality Matters programming was very helpful for me to rethink how I present my material in my courses.