CELT Teaching Spotlight: Alice Alipour

Alice Alipour

Alice Alipour, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE), has been teaching at Iowa State University for six years. Alipour received the Excellence in Remote Instruction COVID-19 Exceptional Effort Award for transforming and improving the delivery of CE 332: Structural Analysis I, one of the most challenging courses in the structural engineering program. This honor “This award recognizes a faculty or staff instructor who has made exceptional efforts to successfully transform courses into engaging and accessible remote teaching platforms while maintaining an exceptional standard of quality.”

Alipour’s advice for teaching: 

I have learned from my teaching experiences and pedagogical activities that students in a class come from diverse backgrounds of age, gender, race, experience, and culture. Hence, it is always one of my priorities to ensure that all students can benefit from the class. Another important aspect is to understand that students have different learning styles and have different preparedness levels. This understanding is of utmost importance in the type of analytical classes that I teach in the Structural Engineering Program at the CCEE Department. I do not approach the course material with the assumption that the students know (or remember) all the pre-requisites. I gauge the students’ understanding of the course materials from day one through various summative assessment methods and then provide them with extra help to make sure that no one is falling behind. I believe paying attention to the students’ feedback is critical. With the formative surveys and assessments that I plan throughout the semester, I make sure that their feedback is systematically received and implemented.

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