CELT Teaching Spotlight: Jameel Kelley

Jameel Kelley
Jameel Kelley

Jameel Kelley a graduate student in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, received the Graduate Student Teaching ImpactCOVID-19 Exceptional Effort Award for becoming a trusted and indispensable resource for students with limited coding experience. This honor “recognizes a graduate student who has made exceptional efforts to support student learning through innovative and high-quality approaches to teaching, whether through online, hybrid or face-to-face modalities.”

Kelley shared this advice for teaching: 

While there exist numerous teaching styles to choose from, you must find one that works best for you in the context in which you are teaching. This past semester, where I devoted my efforts, would have been entirely different from previous semesters, and I planned to add value to the class as a Teaching Assistant changed. In short, I believe mindful flexibility is a desirable trait for any teacher.

For example, early on in the semester, I noted that students tended to reserve bringing up issues they were facing until the end of the class period, which resulted in long wait times that may have discouraged students from sticking around to ask. To adjust, I suggested conducting consistent office hours rather than by appointment, which was not done previously for this class. Additionally, I created a more structured discussion environment on the Canvas learning platform to host those questions. Finally, I became more active in the Webex chat to answer any questions as they came up.

For ways to incorporate Kelley’s advice into your teaching, see the Virtual Student (Office) Hours page and the Discussions strategies page.