CELT Teaching Spotlight: Nicole L. Hayes

Nicole Hayes

Nicole L. Hayes, Ph.D. Candidate, Social Psychology, will graduate in the spring of 2021 from Iowa State University. Recently, Hayes received the Graduate Student Teaching Impact COVID-19 Exceptional Effort Award. This honor “recognizes a graduate student who has made exceptional efforts to support student learning through innovative and high-quality approaches to teaching, whether through online, hybrid or face-to-face modalities.”

Hayes’s advice for teaching: 

As an online and in-person class instructor, a key challenge in the teaching-learning process is developing and maintaining student engagement. This strategy can be particularly challenging during times of social and financial instability. It is critical to build rapport and build an inclusive and supportive environment to meet students’ needs and foster student engagement. Instructors can do so by regularly engaging with students both collectively via group discussions and individually before and after class. Instructors are often the first point of contact for students who may be experiencing challenges. I would encourage instructors to be more aware of students who may be struggling with coursework and deadlines and reach out to them with campus resources. Adopting these principles in your classroom will help promote students’ success by increasing student motivation and learning.

To learn more, see the CELT’s Online learner support page and the Creating a Community of “Cyclones Care” (ISU Student Wellness and the Academic Continuity Working Group) page.