Zoe Thornton, School of Education

“Dr. Thornton works so hard to make you feel like a valued member of the M.Ed community. It is hard as an online-only student to feel connected sometimes, but Dr. Thornton goes out of her way to make me feel seen, heard, and appreciated.” (CyThx 1)

“Zoe does everything in her power to create a welcoming, inclusive, encouraging environment wherever she is. Whether that’s leading or participating in a meeting or teaching a class, she goes out of her way to interact with those in the room and make them feel included and encouraged. If students find themselves doubting their abilities and/or strengths on a particular topic, Zoe takes time out of her extremely busy schedule to meet with them one-on-one and speak with them, lifting them up and validating their feelings, while also reassuring the student that they are capable and they have what is needed to finish the task at hand. Her endless patience, knowledge, guidance, kindness, generosity, leadership, and overall demeanor make her an invaluable asset to the Iowa State campus and I am a better student and better person because of her.” (CyThx 2)