Sherrlyn Olsen, Animal Science

“She is continuously reaching out to all of her advisees. I feel like should would always be there for me if I had issues. I also think that she truly cares how we are doing and makes me feel cared for during our meetings.” (CyThx 1)

“Sherry is the only staff member I know who will go ABOVE & beyond for any student, whether she is their advisor, professor, friend, or a complete stranger. I donÕt know a single other professor who has the passion for her students as much as she matches that with a passion for what sheÕs teaching. Sherry made me feel seen & helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my life and my degree when my previous advisor neglected to assist me in anything and I felt that I had no options. If she doesnÕt know something she will search, search & SEARCH until she can help you get what you need & answer any and all of your questions. Sometimes thats through her own research, other times thats connecting you directly with someone who is an expert in that area whether academically or within the industry! Dr. Sherrlyn Olsen is far under recognized for the things she does for the student body of CALS, from freshman to graduate students. SheÕs truly amazing and should be shown all the gratitude and thanks she truly deserves! ” (CyThx 2)