Ron Deiter, Economics

“Dr. Deiter has played an instrumental role in developing one of the most highly reputable Agricultural Business programs. His emphasis on helping students feel ready to meet the challenges of life after college has done nothing but lead to more success for students down the road. He serves as a listening ear for those seeking advice and engages students in fun, personal stories in classes that lead to deeper comprhension of the subjects being taught. We are incredibly lucky to have Dr. Deiter on staff at Iowa State!” (CyThx 1)

“Dr. Deiter,
You always makes your students feel included and engage them in practical ways. You truly are a remarkable professor who goes above and beyond. You are passionate about the material you teach, and you care about the success of your students in the class. You have been a pivotal part in my college career and future career. Thank you, Dr. Deiter, for everything you have done at Iowa State. Campus is sure going to miss you when you retire in the spring; you have made such a difference in my life!” (CyThx 2)