Mathew Hagge, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hagge is always reaching out to students and working one-on-one. He will sit down and run through your whole project with no hesitation to find one small error, always extremely helpful and kind. He makes sure he accessible outside of class to help any time, and he gives great and speedy feedback and encouragement, always guiding you through work to deepen your learning(perfect balance of demonstration and individual trouble-shooting). His willingness to help makes me always feel valued and noticed, but what impresses me most is his adaptability. Not only adapting to the online classroom incredibly well, but the adaptability of his one-on-one instruction is fantastic, being able to assist people just the right amount no matter their skill level or understanding. His teaching is extremely effective because of his flexibility and being able to so easily help each individual situation, making us feel like more than some random student and greatly helping our learning. Thanks Dr. Hagge!