Justin Swanton, Animal Science

“Justin is not only phenomenal inside the classroom, but goes above and beyond in his extracurriculars as well. Anybody who knows him knows that he is routinely the first to show up and last to leave an event, evening doing some of the most undesirable tasks. In his 4.5 years at ISU, he made such an impact in student organizations, department programs, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as whole. His welcoming smile and positive attitude was contagious to everybody that surrounded him.” (CyThx 1)

“HeÕs a great guy, puts in the time and effort for our success and enjoyment in the class. Having the peer mentor group was good enough as it was, but he brought this great workplace energy along with a welcoming upper class man attitude that allowed for all of us to just be ourselves while we are here at ISU. Justin is definitely going places and he ensures to everyone he meets he means business but also he will make your place of work a lot better than it was before.” (CyThx 2)