Erica Beirman, Food Science & Human Nutrition

Erica Beirman is the epitome of what Iowa State University should always strive to be – an always open door, a ceaseless helping hand, a listening ear, a constant support, and a genuine welcoming presence. I have attended ISU for the past six years as I completed my undergraduate degree and am now pursuing my master’s degree. During those six years, Erica has been the one that made Iowa State campus my home. Knowing that she is working in her office in MacKay Hall overlooking one of my favorite spots on campus or teaching in one of the labs as I hustle to my next class has always been such a comfort. At least once a week, I would use a half hour of free time in my schedule to pop my head into her office and catch up with her. Whether it be about exec things for Culinary Science Club or just life, talking to her made everything feel better. She works tirelessly and goes above and beyond what is expected of her to make the experiences of her students extraordinary. She exemplifies what it means to make the world a better place. Iowa State, and I, would not be the same without her.