Dr. Thimmasettapp Thippeswamy , Biomedical Sciences

“Dr. Thippeswamy is an undeniably valuable professor at the college of veterinary medicine. He serves as the instructor for first-year anatomy–one of the major fundamentals of the profession. This year, I have had the privilege of working as a teaching assistant under his leadership. This experience highlighted Dr. Swamy’s dedication to students’ success and willingness to go the extra mile for high-quality education. Despite the challenges presented with the ongoing pandemic, Dr. Swamy worked quickly and diligently to alter scheduling and laboratory protocol to ensure no aspect of his course was diluted. Over the semester, he dedicated many extra hours offering students support and made himself available for additional instruction. In addition to this, Dr. Swamy advocated for the success of his teaching assistants as well, providing constructive feedback and reminding us to prioritize our own studies. He continually made me feel like a valued member of the anatomy-teaching team–I am so grateful for his leadership and kindness!” (CyThx 1)

“Behalf of all anatomy TAs, I’d like to thank Dr. Swamy for his excellence and dedication in teaching the one course he teaches at ISU as well as the providing opportunity to us help mentor and assist a VM1 class that is perhaps missing more interpersonal connections during this COVID year.” (CyThx 2)