Cary Pint, Mechanical Engineering

He always there to help out students, putting in the extra work and time to help with our classes and bring our learning beyond the classroom. Besides classwork, Professor Pint is always enthusiastic and kind, wanting to build relationships, extremely understanding and always relating to us. He has made me feel excited and valued as an individual since day one, reaching beyond the screen and leading an incredible and dynamic semester, making a large impact on my life. The extra energy that he puts into the course is clear and shows how much he truly cares about teaching and the betterment of each of us (pretty sure the amount of stuff he does breaks the 1st law of thermodynamics). He always has very encouraging feedback and praise, making me feel noticed and valued. He always goes the extra kilometer(no smelly foot-pounds here) and is transparent with us, which makes him likely the most effective and caring instructor I have had. There are not enough words to describe how AWESOME he is. Thanks for everything Professor Pint! 🙂