Carolyn Steckelberg, Human Development & Family Studies

“Carolyn is very helpful for problems both in and out of the classroom. She is very easy to talk to and welcomes any student who might need her. She’s also a really great teacher, she really tries to make sure students understand the material.” (CyThx 1)

“Carolyn is a great adviser, instructor, and mentor. She brings invaluable experience to the classroom and helps students understand what it’s like to be a practicing financial counselor. As an adviser, she is the absolute best. She is always willing to meet with students and help them figure out the best classes to take. She is so gracious and understands students.” (CyThx 2)

“From day one, Carolyn welcomed me and provided me the help that I needed. I entered college with a lot of questions, and she was always there to answer them. She provides a safe space for anyone who is around her. It is evident that she deeply cares about her students, fellow staff and her community. Along with her role at the university, she finds the time to give back through working with outreach efforts in the area. Without a doubt, Carolyn deserves recognition for all the good she has done both on and off campus.” (CyThx 3)