Attend the Diversifying your syllabus webinar with Dr. Noreen Rodriguez, Nov. 2 (1:10-2:10 p.m.)

Webinar, Diversifying Your Syllabus (Noreen Rodriguez)

Nov. 2 (1:10-2:10 p.m., Use this Zoom registration form)

Diversifying your syllabus involves more than simply including diverse and Indigenous scholars and/or topics in your course materials. Rather, it recognizes that there are diverse perspectives of what constitutes reality and what constitutes knowledge within a discipline or in course content. Additionally, diversification recognizes that multiple realities exist and that knowledge should be owned and created by everyone.

Join Dr. Noreen Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, School of Education as she shares how educators can grapple with these power relations in course content development and delivery. Dr. Rodriguez will also share examples of how she has utilized Decolonization as a framework to diversify her syllabi, and to revise course content in courses she has taught.

This session will focus on reframing your current curriculum in ways that challenge traditional disciplinary canons and modes of teaching and learning to foster more inclusive and equitable learning environments and learning experiences in the classroom. Visit Noreen Rodriguez’s website.

Noreen Rodriguez