Course conclusion in Canvas

On Sept. 29, courses created before fall 2020 changed to the concluded status. This process excluded courses with end dates set in the future (e.g., Dec. 1, 2025).

Courses in Canvas are sorted and managed by terms pre-determined duration of times and dates; thus, Canvas designed to conclude courses following the end of the academic term. Concluded courses become read-only; therefore, you cannot edit or contribute to the course site’s content unless it is unconcluded.

Concluding a course once a term has ended offers several benefits:

  • Reducing any clutter on the Courses menu (accessed on the Global Navigation, far left menu bar) and the dashboard in Canvas for all users. 
  • Eases the course loading speed, accessibility of current courses, and course naming conflicts, such as courses named the same from semester to semester. 
  • Safeguards the site from any potentially unwarranted changes to site content by either the teaching team or students. For instance, if assignments are left open (no defined availability) in an unconcluded course, students could potentially continue to submit to assignments or post to discussion threads.
  • Instructors continue to have access to copy concluded courses to a future semester’s course.
  • Students have read-only access to a concluded course.

To remove your students’ read-only access entirely from a concluded course, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on the course menu. 
  2. Enter an end date in the past.
  3. Check the boxes for ‘Students can only participate in the course between these dates’ and ‘Restrict students from viewing this course before the start date.’
  4. Click save

To unconclude a course, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to ISU AdminTools on the course settings
  2. Choose ‘View Additional Course Settings.’ 
  3. It is essential to click both the ‘Concluded’ and the ‘Course concludes after the semester ends’ toggles to ‘NO.’ 
  4. Click Save

You may also wish to remove your students’ read-only access entirely from the course. See above for instructions.