CELT Faculty Spotlight: Katie Fulton

Dr. Katie Fulton, Associate Teaching Professor, Department of English, has spent 13 years at Iowa State. Katie’s advice for teaching:

Take advantage of opportunities to participate in workshops on campus and share ideas with colleagues. CELT is a great resource for new and experienced teachers alike, and they offer workshops for a wide variety of interests. I’ve participated in several CELT workshops during my time at ISU including a Team-Based Learning workshop series and the Quality Matters programming. In addition to learning more about teaching methods and getting to work on your own materials, what’s great about these workshops is that you get to hear from instructors from all across campus in other disciplines. Not only is it fascinating to hear about the work they’re doing with their students, but it also helps us to think outside of the box for what kinds of activities we might be doing to engage students in our discipline.

The same is true within my discipline. Some of the best things I’ve tried out have been the result of conversations with other instructors and passing along ideas. For example, I love the idea of a Help Forum in Canvas discussions, but students never seemed to use it. A colleague suggested extra credit for asking a question or providing an answer. It worked well for her, and it turns out it works well with my students too. I especially love it when another student chimes in with the answer. It builds community and gives them more ownership over their learning.

Katie Fulton