Choose your instructional tool adventure webinars

Choose your instructional tool adventure (30-minute teaching topics)

CELT’s Choose Your Instructional Tool Adventure focuses on various instructional strategies found on the CELT website and demonstrates practical ways to incorporate these tools in a Canvas course. Instructional support staff from across campus will facilitate each 30-minute byte. These 30-minutes builds on concepts covered on the CELT instructional strategies pages.

30-minute teaching topics held on the following days (3-3:30 p.m.)

Registration information is found on each event ISU calendar entry below:

 Series Objectives

  • Identify tools to help instructors manage a blended or online classroom.
  • Align tool usage to course objectives.
  • Implement inclusive pedagogical components into a course (e.g., inclusive examples, accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning principles).
  • Locate ISU’s teaching and learning support resources.

Individual Workshop Objectives

  • Access CELT web resources specific to online teaching and learning.
  • Identify the most appropriate tool to implement a strategy in their course.
  • Create sample content using the tool.
  • Locate proper support for the selected tool.

Find additional opportunities review CELT’s Upcoming Events website. For support, contact CELT or your local instructional staff.

Previous topics:

  1. Jun. 18: Communication (Email vs ….) (Canvas, MS Teams, Webex, Piazza, Live Chat), See the Communications instructional strategies page
  2. Jun. 25: Study tools (Quizlet, StudyMate, H5P), See the Study Tools on the Instructional Tools page
  3. Jul. 2: Engagement (Top Hat, Webex, Echo 360), See the Engaging Students Online page
  4. Jul. 9: Collaboration (Canvas groups, CyBox, G Suite, MS Teams), See the Collaboration Tools instructional strategies page 
  5. Jul. 16: Discussions (Canvas discussions, Piazza, VoiceThread, Top Hat), See the Discussions instructional strategies page
  6. Jul. 23: Grading tricks & tips (Rubrics, using a tablet, interactive feedback, Canvas Mastery Paths), See the Interactive Feedback and Grading instructional strategies page
  7. July 28: Web conferencing: polling and breakout rooms (Webex, Zoom, and MS Teams), See the web conferencing page
  8. July 30: Peer review, (Canvas assignments, groups, peer review), See the Peer Assessment page
  9. Aug. 4: Web conferencing: sharing content (Webex, Zoom and MS Teams), See the web conferencing page
  10. Aug. 6: Using video for content, presentations, & performances (Studio, Webex, Zoom), See the Video Creation instructional strategies page