Promote diversity & inclusion using these COVID-19 resources

During this unprecedented time, we recognize that Iowa State University’s campus footprint has increasingly expanded into digital and virtual environments. The campus community should be aware that climate considerations continue to extend into all spaces where our members engage. Therefore, we ask that everyone be vigilant to uphold our Principles of Community despite our physical and social distancing.

The University’s commitment and methods to respond to reports of campus climate incidents remain in place during COVID-19.

In the event of a campus climate incident

  • Report the incident via the ISU incident report form.
  • Anyone encountering a situation that requires immediate assistance (police, medical or other emergency services) should call the Iowa State University Police Department (ISUPD) at 515-294-4428 or 911.

Explore these COVID-19 Resources

Review and bookmark the COVID-19 Resources webpage from the Division of Diversity and Inclusion.