Michele Tapp, Business Undergraduate Program

“I met Michele for the first time at orientation and that is when I felt so welcomed into the Iowa State family. From the moment I met her she acted like she knew me for many years. While filling out my schedules, she always pushes me to live up to my full potential while still making sure I will have plenty of time for clubs and other activities. Michele is always very good at answering questions and is someone who is there for me for any of my academic needs. As a very unconfident person, having Michele there for me is very helpful and will continue to be useful for the rest of my career here at Iowa State.” (CyThx 1)

“Michele is SO kind and welcoming to me. She’s always been a lovely light in my day whenever I get to meet with her, and has always been excited for me in my academic and career choices. She is the best, I’m SO glad she is my adviser!!” (CyThx 2)

“Michele makes registering for classes a breeze. I do not have to meet with her, however, I enjoy it so much that is usually spend 30 minutes just talking with her. She truly cares about her students.” (CyThx 3)