Lawrence Cunningham, Iowa State Daily

“Mr. Cunningham oversees the Iowa State Daily. As such, I know he is incredibly busy with managing the business side of the organization. However, he always makes it a point to spend time with the newsroom to provide insight, guidance, and support. He’s particularly awesome about helping to ensure ALL students are supported. I’ve seen him take time a lot of time out of his work to mentor and support us. He is a big reason why I, as a trans student, continue to work for the Daily. He’s has been the single most impactful advisor I’ve had in my time at Iowa State. So I guess I just want to say #CyThx.” (#CyThx 1)

“We work with the ISU Daily a lot in our office. This allows me the opportunity to see the great work of the leadership at the Daily, specifically that of Lawrence Cunningham. He’s constantly working to mentor and teach students while walking the thin line of letting them gain their own experiences as they grow into their roles and responsibilities. I’ve yet to come across someone as open, accepting, inclusive, and support as Lawrence. His leadership is something I work to emulate as it really seems like he’s created a wonderful environment that allows students to thrive.” (#CyThx 2)