Laura Graves, Kinesiology and Health

“Laura is the type of person you can go to for anything academically as well as personally. She is always there to listen to you and offers advice that allows you to individually think about all the possible options and decide. She has always challenged me as a student and person to be my best and that my best will always be more than enough. My favorite quote that Laura often says is, “life happens,” which has been a constant reminder to me to be positive, kind and encouraging to others as we never know what they could be going through. Through the past 3 years of getting to know Laura, I have never felt like I couldn’t go to her at any point. Laura, I can’t thank you enough for being my rock during my triumphs and barriers, I am so grateful and beyond blessed to have met you!” (#CyThx 1)

“Laura does a great job at saying hi to myself and all the students she knows when she sees them on campus! She is so friendly and easy to chat with. I enjoy getting to work with her” (#CyThx 2)