Kere Hughes-Belding, Human Development and Family Studies

Dr. Hughes-Belding makes me feel like a valued member of the ISU community, because she is so incredibly positive, even through the hard times! She always sends out little notes to the graduate students in an attempt to lighten our loads and encourages us to take breaks. In graduate school, it can be hard to step away from our desks and go live life. She has recently been encouraging us to pat ourselves on the backs for the hard work that we do and to go take a break – relax with friends and family. She makes me feel valued, because she sees the value in me, not only as a graduate student, but as a human being. She understands that life is tough and that we are all going through so much more than just what awaits us at our desks Monday-Sunday. She’s so encouraging and is doing a great job as DOGE – she deserves a pat on the back and a break too. 🙂