Archana Edmond, Apparel, Events & Hospitality Mgmt

“She will take the time after class hours to talk to her students and colleagues. She is willing to sacrifice her own time, money, sleep, and health to make sure you are ok and at a good spot in life.” (CyThx 1)

“She helps and supports me in everything I do.” (CyThx 2)

She goes out of her way to make sure I’m okay and checks up with me and my family issues and offers help with my work (CyThx 3)

“She always goes out of her way to help not only me but also other students. As well when I’m having a hard time understanding she makes sure you understand everything before you leave class. She wants you to succeed and wants you to reach your greatest potential. (CyThx 4)”

“She is always pushing students to do their best and will help any student with anything they need at any time of the day. She puts her students first and genuinely cares about them.” (CyThx 5)

“Sometimes my classes make my major feel really difficult and as though I’m not good enough for the fashion industry. Archana knows that we’re hard enough on ourselves and is always hyping up our projects and making us feel like we can actually do it.” (CyThx 6)

“Archana has a beautiful soul. A true testament to what it means to be an incredible instructor. Her commitment to building a strong student- teacher relationship is something I have come to value and appreciate. She’s not only attentive and dedicated to her students’ well-being, but also their success and growth. She is a phenomenal educator, friend, and mentor.” (CyThx 7)

“Archana is kind and passionate about her major and helping student be successful. While also caring and motivating students to bring out their best work.” (CyThx 8)

“Archana’s the one person I can always go to whenever I need advice. She’s provided me with invaluable opportunities during my time at ISU and I’ve never been more grateful for anyone in my life.” (CyThx 9)

“Archana has genuine care and concern for all of her students. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcomed and gets a new experience in class. She teaches in a variety of styles to accommodate the different learning styles of everyone in the classroom. She always makes sure to bring real world examples to the classroom and is always there for her students personally and professionally.” (CyThx 10)

“Transferring from a community college to a 4-year university was very stressful to me because I am a student who had close relationships with my professors and I was always worried I wouldn’t have that kind of opportunity at Iowa State University. Fortunately, my transfer from DMACC to ISU was smooth and I got to meet Archana as she was my fashion illustrator instructor. We became close very fast and I always feel comfortable and confident to go to her whenever I need help with something. I love the fact that she’s always helping me with constructive criticism and never hesitate to add her opinions and creative ideas to my project so I accomplish them with suces. So far, she’s one of the best instructors ISU has given me and I’ll miss her very much when I graduate ❤️.” (CyThx 11)

“She makes me feel like my experience at ISU is valued and I know that she really cares about me and she is so kind and always wants to help anyone she can.” (CyThx 12)

“Archana is one of the most talented, selfless, kind hearted person I have ever met. She goes out of her way to make sure her students succeed and always makes sure to let them know how well they are doing. She takes time and money out of her personal life to put in to her students and to make sure they feel nothing but cared about. I feel incredibly sorry for those who never get Archana as an instructor as I believe she has to be the best one at Iowa State.” (CyThx 13)