Anna Johnson, Animal Science

Dr. Johnson works hard in all facets of her life, and in her role of major professor, she excels. While holding high expectations for achievement, Dr. Johnson strives to ensure that her direction for graduate students is clear, concise, and communicated in a way that fosters learning and personal growth. She praises good work, and communicates errors in a respectful and teachable manner. Despite her busy schedule, she will make time for those under her direction when they need it. All in all, she recognizes me for the work that I complete, she finds or will make networking opportunities possible for me, she serves as a valuable example of professionalism and integrity, and she praises the tasks I take upon myself in helping the department and university succeed. With her respect, expectations, praise, and encouragement, Dr. Johnson not only makes me feel valued as a graduate student, but as a student of Iowa State University.