CELT Collaborator Spotlight: Jacob Larsen and James Nemiroff

Dr. James Nemiroff, Lecturer of Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, and Dr. Jacob Larsen, Director of the Language Studies Resource Center, have collaborated to develop poster presentation assignments using HP Reveal. In Spanish 330, students use HP Reveal to develop a poster that incorporates augmented reality links to paintings, original texts, YouTube clips, and personal recordings. In this way, the project fulfills a variety of learning goals and allows students to practice understanding and producing Spanish in a variety of different modalities.
Dr. Nemiroff and Dr. Larsen shared that using HP Reveal to add an augmented reality aspect to student poster presentations enables students to interact with course materials in new and creative ways and express their knowledge through different modalities. Something you, too, can learn about through CELT’s Online Learning Community.
Jacob Larsen
Dr. Jacob Larsen
James Nemiroff
Dr. James Nemiroff