CELT Collaborator Spotlight: Karla Embleton

Karla Embleton, Ph.D., instructional designer for the College of Human Sciences Online and Distance Learning programs, has been helping faculty at ISU for 21 years. She offers the following Canvas tip to instructors:
“To consider only a subset of graded activities for Midterm Grade submission, create a temporary group in Assignments called ‘Midterm Letter Grade’. Turn on weighted grading and make this group worth 100% of total grade. Move all activities to be counted to this group. Use the ISU AdminTools End-of-course checklist tool to ensure there are no blank cells or ungraded submissions in these activities, then submit the grades. Return the Assignment page and weighted grading rules to their original format.”
Karla encourages people to become involved with the Canvas Peer to Peer group if they are interested in keeping abreast of Canvas updates and ISU tools for Canvas. The user group is a community of ISU instructors and support staff who meet biweekly to discuss advanced Canvas uses, investigate related tools and technology, and collaborate on a list of shared resources. Email celt@iastate.edu to join.
Karla Embleton
Karla Embleton