Are you utilizing a Canvas course this fall? Use the Start of Semester Checklist

To guide you through the beginning the semester processes use the MyCanvas Start of the Semester Checklist web guide. Hint: Don’t forget to enroll your students and be sure to hit the Publish button!

Don’t Forget the 24/7 Canvas Support and MyCanvas Teacher at ISU

As a reminder, Canvas offers 24/7 support options. View the list in Canvas by using the ?Help icon on the Global Navigation menu (far left of your screen):
  • Canvas Support Line (Call 515-294-4000 then press 2, press 1)
  • Live Chat with Canvas Support
  • A web-based Report a Problem Form
The MyCanvas Teacher at ISU website is designed to familiarize instructors and staff with information on the tools and features of Canvas to prepare them for course design and delivery.