What is Immediate Access and is it the right option for my course?

Immediate Access is a course materials affordability initiative that the University Book Store implemented in Fall term of 2014. The bookstore, faculty, and publishers all work together to provide digital course materials to students at a lower price than the standard print versions. Below are questions you should ask yourself to see if the textbook or digital homework platform you are requiring for your course is a good candidate for the Immediate Access Program.

The textbook I require for my course may be too expensive for my students. I like the content but is there a way I make it more affordable?

In the Immediate Access Program, the bookstore and faculty can work together to leverage a discounted price from the publisher because every student enrolled in the course is billed for use of the digital content. The bookstore works with many publishers. Please reach out to the bookstore to find out if the title you are using for your course is eligible for the program.

Are there affordable course materials I can adopt that will help improve the student learning outcomes?

Many of the publisher online homework platforms can be adopted into the Immediate Access Program. Examples of these platforms are Pearson’s MyLabs and McGraw-Hill’s Connect. These platforms have online learning tools to help the student succeed in the class. Some Immediate Access courses do not use a homework platform but instead use just the eBook. For those courses, a third-party platform called RedShelf is used to deliver the eBook. RedShelf eBooks come with built in study aids, such as Flashcards, and also have interactive engagement tools that can help improve learning and retention.

How can I make sure every student enrolled in my course will get access to the required course materials on the first day of class?

Students access the required course material through their Canvas course. Instructors wishing to use Immediate Access must create their Canvas course and enroll their students at a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of class. However, you don’t have to publish the course until a day or two before class. For more information about setting your course up with Redshelf use the MyCanvas Teacher at ISU’s Redshelf web guide.

What if my students don’t want to participate in the Immediate Access Program?

Students have through the first 10 days of class to opt out of the program and receive a refund. If they opt out, they must find another way to acquire the required textbook or online homework access. The bookstore only sees a 1 to 2% opt out rate each semester. This extremely low opt out rate is a result of the faculty, publisher, and bookstore working together to lower the price to the student.

How can I make sure the digital content I use for the course will be accessible to all students?

Accessibility is a very important component of Immediate Access. The bookstore works with the publishers, the RedShelf platform, and Student Accessibility Services to ensure that students with accessibility needs have access the digital content. For most courses the bookstore also offers an optional printed loose-leaf for students who would like a printed version of the eBook.

More information or Questions?

Visit CELT’s Immediate Access webpage, Immediate Access-The Iowa State Digital Content Solution or email immediateacess@iastate.edu