Tera Lawson, CTLT

CyThx 1. “Tera and I became “buddies” for many projects and journeys. Her joyful, positive, and visionary ways of thinking and seeing the world have shown me that I am valued, and I need to see the bright side in everything. Her help throughout my studies has been enormous and paramount to my persistence and overcoming of struggles. She has given me positive reinforcement and helped me have value in myself through recognizing the uniqueness that makes me who I am.”

CyThx 2. “Tera Lawson has been an invaluable mentor to me since I started working at ISU. From encouraging me to enroll in a master’s program to currently co-facilitating Cardinal Women Tera has offered support and encouragement to not only me but to women across campus. Tera is a wonderful role model and asset to the Iowa State community. Thank you, Tera, for all that you do!”

CyThx 3. “Thanks for your help in the past two years. Thank you.”