Laura Jesse Iles, Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic (HORT)

Thank you for being the first to take a chance on me. I met you as a sophomore and to be honest I didn’t feel like I fit in the microbiology program. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I applied to the position because I thought working with bugs would be cool (and it was!) but had no interest in plant pathology at the time. through you and the clinic I met Hafizi and decided to take mycology, in mycology I met Leonor, through Leonor I got some research experience, now I’m applying to grad programs in plant pathology, but it all stared thanks to you, Lina and Ed. Working for you at the PIDC is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I looked forward to going in every day and there was always something new to learn. I really appreciated that you made us feel like we were a part of a team not just hourly workers. I liked your stories about your son’s new slang (it made me realize I was getting old). I also really appreciated the level of trust gave me while I worked there, allowing me to work past clinic hours, nematode samples to fully process on my own, helping Lina write up an SOP, editing the new encyclopedia website, colony transfers, fungal isolations, I noticed that the longer I worked there the more complex tasks I was given and that made me feel accomplished and capable. thank you!