Kevin Schalinske, Food Science and Human Nutrition

CyThx 1. “Kevin makes me feel valued as a student by respecting my independence and creativity. He’s a professor that never assumes you know too much or too little and can always find the in-between when explaining concepts or setting expectations. Due to his influential role, I decided to stay at Iowa State for graduate school. I am thankful I did, because my experience thus far has been one of the best yet!”

CyThx 2. “Dr. Schalinske takes pride in his students by making sure that we understand the material, but if we don’t cover specific material, it will NOT be on the exam. His office hours are amazing, and he is always willing to cover material. He never makes you feel like he is superior to you which is a very important characteristic to have as a professor. I loved having him as a FSHN 360 professor.”

CyThx 3. “He makes me feel like I am capable of learning even the most difficult material. He makes me feel confident in my ability to succeed in my major and is very open to questions and dialogue. He makes me feel like he actually cares about me as a student and how I do in his course.”