Jesus Lizarrage-Estrada, Office of Admissions

CyThx 1. “Jesus is one of the hardest working people I know, he has supported me before I stepped foot on campus and continued to be someone who is there for me every step of the way. His dedication to all students, underrepresented students, and the community is genuine and rare. Due to his dedication I have felt the impact directly, he has continued to make me feel valued by the community even on my worst days here at Iowa State. Because of Jesus’ kindness, humor, and heart I have felt welcomed, supported, and important. Representation as a student of color is important and seeing how hard he has worked to get to where he is today makes me confident that I can leave doing great things too. I know that I will leave Iowa State a better person because of what I have learned from him along the way. Every person who has had the pleasure of interacting with Jesus will be a better person because of him. Muchas gracias!

CyThx 2. “Jesus is the definition of motivation. He effortlessly maneuvers his leadership role while continuing to relentlessly advocate and support me in my journey to obtaining my master’s degree. I thank Jesus for continuing to see the best in me and for always reminding me that I am “more than good enough” and that I am “meant to be here”. He approaches his work with passion, and I am utterly inspired by the way he leads and works to provide a space welcome to all who need it; whether it be student, faculty or staff. It is my hope to be this for those who find solace in my own sphere of influence.”