Jessie Juarez, Animal Science

Dr. Juarez is one of the few professors that is liked by almost all students. She has completely changed the way ANS214 Lab is taught and puts 110% into getting to know her students and working with them whenever needed. Dr. Juarez almost always has her door open and will talk to you about any problems or good things that are happening in your life. The best part about her mentoring is that she is completely honest and will always make sure each student is doing what is best for them. No matter what she’s going through, she puts others before herself. Above all of this, I think she’s one of most composed professors at ISU. She can answer almost any question you have (and if she can’t, she won’t make up an answer or give you her opinion about it, she’ll look it up and give you the answer later) and she is a fantastic teacher because she makes anatomy and physiology understandable to almost every student. She has given me so much support, and I can honestly say she’s part of the reason I’ve done well at ISU. Thank you so much Dr. Juarez, keep on doing great things.